You can simply log on to our company’s website and book a service for yourself or anyone. A form is present on the contact page of our website. You can use that form to get in touch with our expert movers and inform us about the particular moving service you are looking for.
The moving service of a residential place is far different than the commercial ones. Mostly, the commercial premises or the offices have heavy furniture and machines. So, it will be better if you specify the type of moving service you are looking for.
You can get an estimate from our experts by giving us a call or through our website. Our expert mover will visit your place to calculate the overall price of the total moving cost. Various factors are taken into consideration for providing a perfect estimation.
Yes, you can change the address of moving. But, it will be better if you inform us about the change in your plan before the moving date. The moving destination and destination have a huge impact on our price. So, change in address may increase or decrease the price. That’s why it is better to inform us in advance.
It depends on you what you want to move through us. If you really have lots of jewellery and other valuable items, we would like to recommend you to pack it in proper cartoon or boxes for an extra layer of protection. Or you can simply carry the jewellery and your money with yourself.
We cannot just decide the price without knowing about the items that you want us to move and also the distance and destination. To know about the total expenditure, you have to first give us some specific details. For further queries, you can mail us at courier@fastmovers.co.za.